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Come and meet the staff of our school


Headteacher:   Mrs J Craggs

Deputy Headteacher:  Mrs Mayo

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Jagpal  


School Administrator:   Mrs Brown


Year 3

Teachers:    Miss Hinds, Miss Keillor, Mrs Cooper

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Sullivan


Year 4

Teachers:  Mrs Jagpal, Mrs Harland, Miss Mason

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Walker, Mrs Lee


Year 5

Teachers:    Mr Higgins, Miss Johnson

Teaching Assistant:    Mrs Longstaff, Mr Elliott, Mrs Childs


Year 6

Teachers:    Miss Thomson, Mr Smith, Miss Liddle

Teaching Assistant:    Mr Elliott


Special Educational Needs Coordinator:  Mrs Simpson, Mrs Addision

She is available in school on Thursdays and Fridays. Contact details: 0191 5862915


PE and Sports Development Teacher:    Mr Craggs



Behaviour & Pastoral Manager:     Mrs Evans


Safeguarding, Attendance and Welfare Officer:    Mrs Scully


Lunchtime Assistants:    Miss Bailey, Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Smith


Premises Manager:    Mr English


Cleaners:    Mrs Baker, Mrs Ellwood, Mrs Hall, Mrs Smith



In accordance with the Academies Financial Handbook the Trust must publish separate information relating to the number of employees whose benefits exceed 100k.  In the financial year 2020/21 there was 1 employee within the Trust whose benefits exceeded 100k.

Gender pay gap information can be found under the Finance Section of Tudhoe Learning Trust website.


Finance - Tudhoe Learning Trust


Acre Rigg Academy is obligated to report certain information about Trade Union Representatives and their activity within the Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017, which took effect from 1 April 2017. These regulations were laid following the enactment of the Trade Union Act 2016.
We are required to report and publish information about:
• the number of trade union representatives in our organisation
• the time and percentage of hours spent on paid TU activity
• the amount spent on TU activity
• the percentage of paid time spent on TU activities

Acre Rigg Academy works hard to maintain supportive and inclusive working environment within which employees are able to be part of a Trade Union and to take part in its activities if they wish.
School currently employs no trade union representatives. Therefore, the percentage of time spent on trade union activity equates to 0.00% in terms of the total pay bill cost.


The Trust currently employs 2 trade union representatives and during the academic year 2020-2021, one employee spent 6.5 hours (paid leave) on trade union activity at a total cost of £108.36.  The percentage of time spent on trade union activity equates to 0.00% in terms of the total pay bill cost.


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