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At Acre Rigg Academy, we treat everyone Equally and Fairly regardless of…




Gender Identity

Race and Nationality

Religion or Belief



Sexual Orientation

We believe that all pupils have an equal right to develop and achieve their potential. Equality of opportunity underpins the school curriculum and the work of the school. Children at Acre Rigg Academy are treated as individuals with their own abilities, difficulties, attitudes, backgrounds and experiences.


You can download our equality policy and equality action plan below.


Information on how pupils perform at the end of Key Stage 2 can be found following the internal link or accessing the DFE website.




Educate and Celebrate

This year, we’ve continued to be involved in the ‘Educate and Celebrate’ Best Practice Programme, which aims to ‘transform schools and organisations into LGBT+ Friendly places, creating a safe environment for staff, students, governors and parents to thrive and achieve, enabling everyone to be themselves without fear of discrimination.’  The aim of the programme is very simple - to stamp out any form of homophobic or transphobic bullying by educating children about LGBT issues, using stories, assemblies, the curriculum - any way we can!

'Teach and Inspire; Engage and Enrich'