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Is your child looking for some science fun? Try the websites and documents below.

You don't need to spend money buying science supplies. Here are some science questions your child can consider using materials you might have at home.


Question #1: How does water move up a plant’s stem?

What You Need: celery, water, food colouring.

Directions: Put a celery stalk or carnation stem in water that has some food colouring in it.

Science principle: Children can see how the coloured water travels up the stalk or stem and might notice how a specific part of the celery stalk (called the xylem) draws the water up from the roots just like a straw.


Question #2: How does changing the angle of a block impact the speed of a ball?

What you need: Rubber ball, small toy cars, and long block or plank

Directions: Experiment how fast or slow the ball or car travels down a plank as you adjust its angle. You can do this by changing the height of the plank and testing the speed of the ball.

Science Principle: Children can see that items will roll at different speeds depending on the angle of the block. Try different kinds of items - a tennis ball, a super ball, small cars for example, to explore whether the size, weight, or material impacts the rolling speed.


Question #3: What will sink and what will float?

What you need: Objects you can put in the water (e.g., rubber toys, corks, coins, keys, rocks) and a plastic bucket or large bowl

Directions: Invite your child to put a few objects in the water and see what happens. Then, discuss the concept of “floating” and “sinking”. Ask, "Do you think this one will sink or float? What makes you think that?"

Science principle: Children can explore how size, weight, or other properties of an object determine if it sinks or floats and how quickly it sinks to the bottom or rises to the top.


You could even enter the Little Inventors In Space Challenge! 

What can you create to help an astronaut as they travel to the international space station?

See if you can come up with inventions, to help an astronaut sleep, have fun, stay active, and feel happy. There is no wrong answer, it can be as fun, as serious, or as silly as you like. Think big, or small, and send us your ideas.


Let your imagination blast off!

Click the link below to submit your inventions. 

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