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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff of our school


Headteacher:   Mrs J Craggs

Deputy Headteacher:  Mrs Mayo

Acting Assistant Headteacher:  Mr Dixon

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Jagpal  (Maternity Leave)


School Administrator:   Mrs Brown

Office Apprentice:        Miss Dowd  (Maternity Leave)


Year 3

Teachers:    Mrs Cooper, Miss Liddle

Teaching Assistant:  Mrs Walker


Year 4

Teachers:  Mr Dixon, Mr Higgins, Miss Moralee

Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Sullivan, Mrs Childs


Year 5

Teachers:    Mrs Addision, Miss Keillor, Mr Kaufman

Teaching Assistant:    Mrs Lee, Mr Elliott


Year 6

Teachers:    Miss Thomson, Mr Smith, Mrs Mayo

Teaching Assistant:    Mrs Longstaff


Special Educational Needs Coordinator:  Mrs Simpson

She is available in school on Thursdays and Fridays. Contact details: 0191 5862915


PE and Sports Development Teacher:    Mr Craggs


PPA Teacher:   Mrs Harland


Behaviour & Pastoral Manager:     Mrs Evans


Family Emotional Health & Well- being:    Mrs Scully

Parent Support Advisor:    Mrs Harrison

Counsellor:    Mrs Gash


Lunchtime Assistants:    Miss Bailey, Mrs Baker, Mrs Mitchell, Mrs Smith


Premises Manager:    Mr English


Cleaners:    Mrs Baker, Mrs Ellwood, Miss Ellwood, Mrs Smith



'Teach and Inspire; Engage and Enrich'