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Support Plans

A personalised Support Plan will be written especially for any child with SEND. It should include:
  • Short term outcomes for the child which are linked to their needs
  • Details of any extra support the child will get
  • Who will give the child help
  • How often the child will get help
  • How and when the school will look at the child’s progress again (for the majority of children it is termly)
  • Weekly update meetings with SENDCo and senior leaders to discuss the effectiveness and impact of provision.  This can change depending on the specific needs of children 
  • Impact of support provided is measured and reviewed termly with the class teacher using intervention records and the changing needs of the child
  • Baselines are recorded at the start of an intervention and impact is measured through record keeping and end assessment
  • Support plans are shared with parents / carers who also provide input as to what the child's needs are.


If a child’s needs are very complex and/or severe we may ask the Local Authority to carry out an Education, Health and Care Assessment:
  • This is a very detailed assessment of each child’s needs. Parents or carers, the school and a range of professionals will all be asked to provide written reports. 
  • At the end of the assessment phase the Local Authority will consider these reports to help decide whether or not to issue an Education, Health and Care Plan for the child.
  • Parents/carers also have the right to ask the Local Authority to carry out this assessment although it is usually best if you can do this with the support of the school.
  • Education, Health and Care Assessment is only appropriate for a small number of children. Your school SENCO or the SENDIASS will be able to advise you about this. 

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