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In DT this term we are exploring structures by constructing our own castles. They will need to meet the requirements of our design briefs including using our own n3D nets of shapes, draw bridge and a decorative façade!


In Art this term we have looking at the formal elements of Art. We started by recognising and drawing geometric shapes. After identifying simple shapes we were able to create our own fish by manipulating and bending wire. We are also looking at shading techniques and recognising dark and light tones. 


This term we are finding out about the Anglo Saxons, Picts and Scots. We are focusing our research around the archaeologist’s discovery at Sutton Hoo to see what we can find out about life during this time.


In Geography, we have been learning all about volcanoes. We were able to use our map skills to locate famous volcanoes from around the world. We have found out how volcanoes erupt and identified the different features of a volcano. After, we have discussed how volcanoes are created. We looked at tectonic plates and how they can actually create volcanoes. We had lots of fun using Oreos to help us understand how tectonic plates move!


During the spring term we are looking at health and well-being. During this we will find out about how we can stay healthy by learning about our diet and dental health. We will also look at ways to relax and learn about our own strengths and how to be resilient! We will also be learning how to call emergency services; responding to bites and stings; becoming a responsible digital citizen; learning about cyberbullying and identifying unsafe digital content and developing our awareness of road safety.


In RE this term, we moved on to learn all about Christian worship. We were able to see inside a local church through a virtual tour and discuss the different items we could see. We learnt all about stories from the Bible linked to Jesus and his life. This led us onto discussing how Christians show commitment and belonging to the Christian community. 

This term we are also looking at Durham Cathedral. We will be thinking about the significance of Durham Cathedral and how it is used today. After, we will be researching important Christian sites from around the North East and the impact they have.


In Computing we have been exploring 2type on Purple Mash. We have discussed how our posture can effect how we type. We have also developed our typing skills on a QWERTY keyboard.


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