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Reading is essential to everyday life and we want to help our pupils to gain a love of reading. Whilst we commit a large part of our weekly timetable in school to developing reading, reading at home can have a huge impact on pupil progress.


We ask that all children complete two sessions on Reading Plus at home. In addition to this, we ask that pupils complete two extra reads per week which are recorded in their reading diaries. Reading does not need to be a traditional novel but could be a newspaper, magazine, online article etc. Children will also bring home a book each week which is appropriate to their reading ability as well as a free choice book.


Reading Plus click on the website and type in the  ‘site code’ which is RPACRER then type in the username and  password. This will then take the children to different activities that will develop their reading skills. Again, this is a fun and competitive way of developing reading skills which is also a key focus across school this year. We are particularly focusing on reading fluency, developing the pace at which children read.

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