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Foundation Subjects

In art this year, we have been looking the formal elements of art.  We began by mark making with charcoal and then moved onto printing using block ink.  We have also created our own symmetrical pattern and geometric pattern.


Our next unit uses art and design skills and we will be painting in the style of Paul Cezanne.  We will also be creating soap sculptures and drawing still life.

Our final unit is sculptures and we will be creating maracas from recylced materials.


This year in DT we will be making electric torches after understanding how a circuit is construted and once we have completed product analysis.  We will also be creating a structure in the form of a pavilion and we will be adapting a biscuit recipe.





In histiory this year we will be studying the life of Victorian children and comparing their lives to our own.  We will research about Thomas Barnardo and how he helped Victorian children. 

Our next topic is castles and we will be researching about the first Norman castles and how they changed as well as studying the Bayeux Tapestry.  In the summer term, we will be looking at the Vikings and anwering the question: What did the Vikings want and how did Alfred help to stop them from getting it?



In geography this year we will be learning about our extreme earth, with a focus on the different types of weather, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes.  In spring term, we will be learning about why the water cycle is important.  In summer term, we will be answering the question: What is the most valuable thing in the world and who owns it?





For computing, we have looked at how to keep ourselves safe online. Additionally, we have refreshed ourselves with using software and getting the most from programs such as Word, Publisher and PowerPoint. We have completed some coding exercises using Purple Mash. Purple Mash can be accessed at home using your child's log ins.






In PSHE this year, we will focus on healthy relationships and how we can keep ourselves safe online.  We will also look at what we understand by emotions and mental health.  We will also learn about how to help someone with asthma.  Thinking about our environment we will explore the role of groups within our community and the appreciation of community diversity.  With regards to economic wellbeing, we will explore what makes something value for money, career aspirations and career choices.




In RE this year, we will be looking at the Bible and how Christians use it both in private and communal worship.  We will also be looking at prayers and the importance of prayers.  Our Christmas unit will focus on Jesus being the light of the world and what Christians understand by this.  In spring term, we will focus on Jesus and how he was a miracle worker and a teacher and how Christians can use their understanding of Jesus in their everyday lives.  Our Easter unit will focus on Lent looking at what it is and why it is important to Christians.

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