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Family Support

Whilst we know how rewarding our children are at Acre Rigg Academy, we recognise that parenting can sometimes be the most challenging job in the world.


We offer lots of support for parents and families to help you through those tricky times. We have a Parent Support Advisor and a Family Emotional Wellbeing worker, both of whom are willing to come and support you in your home; whilst our listening matters and counselling service support your childrens emotional wellbeing in school, and we are able to access counselling support for adults too.


Sometimes problems can be really difficult to solve on our own but at Acre Rigg Academy we would always like the opportunity to try to help, or perhaps help you to access a service who can meet your needs.


If you feel like you need some help or would just like to discuss your family's needs please call the school and make an appointment to speak to Mrs Evans / Mrs Scully.

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