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Autumn Main Text

During the Autumn term, our reading and writing lessons have been based around the book written by Adam Baron - 'Boy Under Water'.


We have been writing recounts on Cymbeline's swimming experience and using this to write a persuasive letter to his Headteacher.


Because of the book foccusing on growing up, we have explored complex themes such as love, loss and grief and mental health, being told by a 10-year-old character named Cymbeline.


The book has created a lot of discussion on not only the themes but also on some of the language and turns of phrases used by the author. 



Spring Main Texts

We have started off the Spring term looking at a book by Shaun Tan - The Arrival. The only words that are found on this book are on the cover. The rest of the story is told through pictures. 


This book has been particularly useful for making predictions and making inferences based on what we can see.


The Arrival conveys the feeling that we've all had at some point of being lost, frightened or confused in an unfamiliar environment. It reminds us that new beginnings can be scary, and the spirit of patience and hospitality are always a welcome port in a storm.




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