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Autumn Reading


Our Autumn Novel is Beauty and the Beast by Michael Morpurgo.


After encountering a fearsome beast at a mysterious palace, down-on-his-luck merchant Marco is forced to make a promise in exchange for his life: he must persuade one of his three daughters to return to the palace in his place – but she must come of her own free will.

Beautiful, kind-hearted Belle agrees at once to return to the palace, and there she and the Beast exist companionably, with the Beast asking of Belle the same question at the end of each day: “Dearest Belle, will you marry me?”

After a return home to consult with her father, Belle resolves to follow her heart and return to the Beast, but her plans are thwarted by the trickery of her jealous sisters. When, at last, Belle is able to find her way back to the palace, she finds her beloved Beast lying as still as death on the ground. As Belle’s tears fall on his face, the Beast is transformed into a handsome prince – the ancient spell upon him broken by Belle’s tears of true love…

Spring Reading


Our novel for the spring term is Aladdin and the Enchanted Lamp by Philip Pullman.


Aladdin is a mischievous boy from China, who one day finds himself in possession of a magical lamp which, when rubbed, summons the powerful Jinnee of the Lamp. Join Aladdin as he flees from poverty, meets the beautiful Princess Badr-al-Budur and defeats the evil sorcerer Moor.




We split into three classes for our writing. Some children go to Mrs Cooper to work on the Read, Write, Inc programme. Click the links below to see what we cover in writing in Year 3.

We aim to follow the Year 3 programmes of study and learn Year 3 spellings. However, if there are gaps in our learning, the teacher will teach objectives from Years 1 or 2 before we move on.

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