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Butterfly Observations

Meet Colin, Clyde, Cuthbert, Curly and Wiggles

Watch our class caterpillars called Colin, Clyde, Cuthbert, Curly and Wiggles transform into beautiful butterflies. We will be observing their growth over this term and updating the website weekly until we set our butterflies free.

Check back for weekly updates and to observe growth of our caterpillars.

Meet The Caterpillar Crew

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Week 2 Observations

Week 3: Caterpillar Chrysalises - Come Back Soon!

Week 3 

Our Caterpillars started transforming into beautiful butterflies. However, they must turn into chrysalises first to help undergo their metamorphosis. Caterpillars usually stay in their chrysalis for around about a week, suspending in a J formation from the roof of the cup. The caterpillars used their silk spinning techniques to suspend themselves and stay safe while transforming. In order to keep them safe, Miss Johnson has taken Colin, Cuthbert, Clyde, Curly and Wiggles home to help be in a suitable, safe environment for growth. 

Come back soon for an update and hopefully a dramatic transformation!

Welcome to the World - Colin, Cuthbert and Clyde

Welcome Colin, Clyde and Cuthbert

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One spring morning, the miracle of life was gifted up on Acre Rigg Academy. Colin, Clyde and Cuthbert emerged from their chrysalises. We will monitor them over the next coming days as they feast on sugar water and apple slices. At this stage in their life, they are vulnerable to predators as their wings are still crinkled and week and not full size. Hopefully, we can release all the butterflies on a sunny spring day soon! Just waiting for Curly and Wiggles to hatch now!

Colin Update

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At first glance, we thought Colin had stepped on Curly. However, we managed to witness Colin expel a red liquid called meconium. This is a completely natural occurrence. Meconium is the leftover part of the caterpillar that was not needed to make the butterfly. This is stored in the intestine of the butterfly and expelled after the butterfly emerges. This shows the butterflies growth and emergence from the caccoon and preparing for his next stage as a butterfly. We were all excited to see this and were happy to know that Colin cared for brother Curly.

Freeing the Butterflies

Setting the Butterflies Free

Over the weekend, the final butterfly (Wiggles) hatched as an Easter miracle. This meant that today we could free all our butterflies. Colin, Cuthbert, Clyde, Curly and Wiggles have had quite a journey. Surviving  crazy classroom conditions, battling Miss Johnson's cat and even Wiggles coming back from the dead. Year 5 has observed the dramatic life cycle and metamorphosis of butterflies this term.  So today, we released them into the wild hopefully to continue their life cycle and find their new family. 

Well done to Year 5 for observing metamorphosis and making excellent observations and passion for the project. 

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