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In Art this term, we have been completing a topic called 'World Through Our Window'.​​​​​​ We have researched many landmarks in the UK that we could represent as silhouttes. We practised a number of wash techniques so that we could form an effetcive background. After learning our skills, we merged all of the techniques into a final piece of artwork. 





In Design Technology, we have putting our sewing skills to good practise and have been creating our very own pillows. You will see some of our designs in the Year 6 gallery.




In Geography, we have been learning about deserts. We identified the major deserts found across the world and looked at what made them a desert. Next, we created little fact files about how deserts are formed. Through research, we also found that deserts are used by humans in a number of different ways: mining, military testing, farming, renewable energy, mining for coal etc.




The Autumn History topic has to be one of our favourites: Crime and Punishment. We have travelled back in time to explore how crime was detected and punished in different time periods. We thought that one of the most shocking crimes punished was selling underweight bread! We also found it interesting learning about the techniques they used when they were putting someone's guilty fate in the hands of their God.




For PSHE, we have been looking at identity and what makes us unique. We have​​​​​​ also looked at relationships and what makes an effective relationship. We have completed many discussions and have listened well and responded to each other's discussion points.




We have completed a few units of RE this half term. First of all, we looked at religion on the whole in our local area compared to another area nearby, Newcastle. We looked at the different places of worship that were in each area and also looked at relgion statistics. Our second topic was about the Muslim Faith. We looked at how Muslims express their faith and what the main principles of their religion were. We then looked at festivals celebrated.


For computing, we have looked at how to keep ourselves safe online. Additionally, we have refreshed ourselves with using software and getting the most from programs such as Word, Publisher and PowerPoint. We have completed some coding exercises using Purple Mash. Purple Mash can be accessed at home using your child's log ins.




'Teach and Inspire; Engage and Enrich'