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In DT this term we are looking at textiles. For this we will be making wash bags that Ed Stafford can take with him to the Amazon Rainforest for his mission! They will need to be a practical, water proof material and be able to old his essential items.

In Art this term we have been looking at prehistoric art. We have started by exploring the history and style of cave painting. We then created our own cave paintings using different techniques to make them look realistic. ​​​​

In History this term we are studying prehistoric Britain. We are looking at how the coastlines of Britain changed, the agricultural development from Mesolithic to Neolithic periods and exploring how people lived during the bronze and iron age.

In Geography, we have been learning about rainforests. We have identified rainforests found across the world and looked at what we find in a rainforest. Next, we created guides all about the Yanomami tribe which helped us to understand who lives in a rainforest. After researching rainforests, we realised how they could be under threat. We discussed the different ways we can help to protect the rainforests and how it would affect all living things.

 In PSHE this term, we are looking at families and relationships. We are exploring through discussions, research and enquiry what makes a family and how to have maintain and have safe relationships with others!

In RE this term we have been learning about Hindu worship and how Hindu’s celebrate. We then looked at why advent was important to Christians. We identified symbolic objects and how they were used to help Christian’s express their beliefs and feelings.

In Computing this term we have focused on online safety. We have discussed how to stay safe online and have identified the steps we can take if we feel unsafe. We have also used Purple Mash to develop our coding skills.

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